You're the One
Episode Proud as a... Peacock?
Sung by David Steele
Season Season 3
Episode Transcript Proud as a... Peacock?
International versions

You're the One is a song from Proud as a... Peacock?. It is sung while Pepper is training Basil.


You gotta believe that what ever you try,
Somehow you're gonna make it.
Doing your best is the best you can do,
And you won't be allowed to fake it.
It's never easy working hard,
But you know what you gotta do.
You're the one!
You're the best!
And you're putting your skill to the test.
You're the one!
It's all you!
Yeah, you got this! Yeah, you do!
You're the one!
Yes, indeed!
And you're giving it all~