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Blythe: There. Perfect.
Zoe: Well ... almost perfect.
(bell rings)
Youngmee: Blythe, guess what? Guess what? Guess what? You're never gonna guess! Never, never, never! Guess what?
Blythe: You accidentally drank a gallon of coffee?
Youngmee: No, silly. We're going to be neighbors. Well, not technically living-next-door-to-each-other neighbors, but work neighbors. Isn't that cool?
Blythe: Youngmee, what are you talking about?
Youngmee: Come on, I'll show you.
(The two walk down the street a short way. Blythe uncovers her eyes. A bunch of construction workers are working on the Sweet Delights shop.)
Youngmee: See?
[ Theme Song ]
Blythe: Sweet Delights?
Youngmee: Right. It's my Aunt Christie's sweet shop. I'm going to be working right next door to you.
Blythe: And that means we can hang out together. I mean, even more than we already do.
(girls squeal with delight)

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