To Tell You The Truth
Episode On the Same Page
Character(s) Blythe Baxter
Zoe Trent
Russell Ferguson
Penny Ling
Pepper Clark
Sunil Nevla
Minka Mark
Vinnie Terrio
Sung by Ashleigh Ball
Kylee Epp
Samuel Vincent
Laura Hastings
Tabitha St. Germain
Peter New
Kira Tozer
Kyle Rideout
Season Season 4
Episode Transcript On the Same Page

To Tell You The Truth is from "On the Same Page". It's sung by Blythe and the pets based upon their respective predicaments; Blythe worried how she will communicate with the pets if she ever loses her speaking ability and the pets when they have a gender falling out.

Communication Breakdown


To tell you the truth, girls, it's not gonna happen
At least until they admit they were wrong
Minka: That's right!
Pepper: Sing it sister
To tell you the truth, boys, forget any clappin'
Till they apologize in the form of a song
Vinnie: Now you got it man!
Sunil: Certainly not!
[Blythe Baxter]
To tell you the truth mom, your daughter is snappin'
If I can't talk to my friends, I might crack before long
[Zoe and Russell]
To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how we got here
And if we'll get it back once it's gone
Sunil: Girls, I used to think we could get through anything. But lately...Mnh-Mnh. I don't know what's been going on. And it hurts.
It's like you're not even listening
To the problems we're trying to tell ya
It's like those boys don't hear anything
You can sing it, I don't need to smell ya
But can we say "I'm sorry"?
Can we return to the way things were?
[Blythe Baxter]
Will we even talk anymore
If the worst of the worst should occur
Communication Breakdown
Let's just say we're sorry and make things better
Communication Breakdown
Would you like it more if we wrote you a letter?
Communication Breakdown
[Penny Ling]
Why are we unhappy when we know what to do?
Communication Breakdown
[Blythe Baxter]
Won't you tell me the truth mom
Cause I don't have a clue
Won't you tell me the truth?

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