Sweetest Sweetsie Doll

Sweetest Sweetsie Doll is a doll that was only shown once in the episode Spendthrifty.


The Sweetest Sweetsie Doll resemble a baby doll with different hair color and skin tones.


When Sweetest Sweetsie string is pulled, it begins to act like a real baby with it cuteness. However it is revealed in the instruction of the box that when Sweetest Sweetsie isn't given the attention it demands from anyone it begins to crying loudly and releasing a unlimited supply of tear-like liquid from it's eyes. Even more horrible is that Sweetest Sweetsie is also design to not have any off-switch on it body, allowing it to continue like a real baby and has a 20 year battery supply that will keep the owner to care for the doll for 20 years of their lives.

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