The Sweet Delights Truck is a catering truck for Sweet Delights. It was first shown in Sweet (Truck) Ride.


In its first episode, Sweet (Truck) RideAunt Christie bought the truck to be a catering truck for her sweet shop, Sweet Delights. It was revealed that Sugar Sprinkles lives in the truck. Later in the episode the pets acidentaly drive the truck off, twice. The Sweet Truck catered to the Father-Daughter Picnic.

In Super Sunil, Aunt Christie, Youngmee, and Blythe, try to find a good parking spot to sell Aunt Christie's new, Not to Sweet Sandwich. Unfortuanly once they find the perfect spot, the Biskits snatch said spot before the Sweet Truck can park. After days of trying the Sweet Delights Truck finally got the pefect spot and the sandwiches were a big hit.


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