Act I

Scene I- Sweet Delights, Outside

(Episode opens with Blythe and Youngmee standing on the corner near Sweet Delights, waiting for something)

Blythe: (Tone is excited) So, Youngmee- what kind of car did Aunt Christie say she bought?

Youngmee: (Also excited) She wouldn't tell me; wanted it to be a surprise. (Gasps) I hope it's a convertible!

Blythe: Ooh! How about one of those awesome sports cars with the spinning hubcaps?

Youngmee: Imagine me pulling up to school in one of those!

Blythe and Youngmee(Squeal in excitement while jumping up and down; sigh longingly)

Youngmee(Gasps) Ooh! I bet it's one of those cute, little tiny cars- turquoise or candy apple red!

Blythe: Or a green pastel hybrid! That would be a...

Blythe and Youngmee: SWEET RIDE! (Both high-ten each other)

Blythe: Whoo!

Youngmee: Alright!

(Horn honks off-screen; Blythe and Youngmee go in front of the sweet shop to see what car Aunt Christie got)

Youngmee: Here she comes, Blythe! Get a shot of the new ride as it pulls in!

Blythe(Pulls out cellphone)

(Pink food truck labeled "Sweets" rolls up; Blythe looks confused, while Youngmee looks shocked and disappointed; car stops)

Aunt Christie(Leans out of window) Well? What do you think?

Blythe and Youngmee(Uncertain) ...sweet ride?

Scene II- Downtown City Streets

(Pets are looking out the window with various excited expressions on their faces)

Pets(Excited exclamations as sweets are rolled out and onto the truck)

Pepper: Come to mama!

Vinnie(Sniffs) mmm. I can smell those baked goodies all the way in here.

Pepper: (Awkwardly) Uh, that's actually me.

(Camera pulls back to see that Pepper has "skunked" herself, but with a fresh scent; other pets are disgusted, regardless)

Pepper(Clears throat) Cupcakes make me happy. (Laughs awkwardly)

(Cut to outside, where Blythe and Youngmee are cleaning the new truck off)

Aunt Christie(Tone is irritated as she talks on the phone) You promised me those cake boxes today, Milton. (To the girls) Circular motion; circular! (To Milton, who says something on the phone) No, not you, Milton. Why would I want circular boxes? Wait- do you have circular boxes? (Milton responds) You do? I'll take 20 dozen! (Walks off-screen)

Blythe: I have a feeling this sweet truck is gonna be a big hit at the company picnic.

Youngmee: Does your dad's company really hold those events every year?

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