Stay Here Forever
Episode Summertime Blues
Character(s) Zoe Trent
Minka Mark
Penny Ling
Sunil Nevla
Pepper Clark
Vinnie Terrio
Russell Ferguson
Sung by Kylee Epp
Kira Tozer
Laura Hastings
Peter New
Tabitha St. Germain
Kyle Rideout
Samuel Vincent
Length 2:28
Season Season 1
Episode Transcript Summertime Blues
International versions

Stay Here Forever (referred to as Just Stay Here Forever in the credits) is a song by the Littlest Pet Shop Pets to Blythe for when she was leaving for fashion camp. It pays homage to the Live Aid music videos from the '80s. It was first shown in an exclusive preview given to BSCkids two days prior to its episode's airing.[1]


Stay Here Forever
Our friend Blythe
Just told us that she's leaving
Leaving us
With heads and hearts a-grieving
Fashion camp
Is calling her name
But none of us
Will ever be the same
[Penny Ling]
That's what Blythe and me were
I think that she and I were closer
Was it me?
Something that I said?
Did I joke too much
About her giant head?
[Penny, Sunil, Zoe, Pepper and Minka]
Oh, Blythe (Vinnie: Blythe)
Just stay here forever
We're asking, Blythe
Don't leave us not ever
I think we just need to talk
Who's gonna take me for a walk?
Oh, Blythe
Just stay here forever
Bags are packed
The trains ready to go
You step aboard
My tears they start to flow
[Penny Ling]
What went wrong?
What should we think?
Is it me?
Do I stink?!
Can't you see me crying?
No, my tears I can't contain (crying)
It's true he can't stop crying
Luckily, we left him standing near a drain
Oh, Blythe (Blythe)
Just stay here forever
We're asking, Blythe
Don't leave us not ever
Life will never be the same
I think Russell's to blame
Russell: Hey!
Just stay here forever
Sunil: Please don't go
Russell: Ugh. I'm gonna miss you.
Vinnie: Oh, my eyes are wet!
Pepper: Hey, knock-knock!
Russell: Who's there?
Pepper: My broken heart.
Stay here forever
Russell: Maybe I am to blame.