Season 4, Episode 8
Production Information
Air DateDecember 19th, 2015
Written byRoger Eschbacher
Supervising directorJoel Dickie
Directed bySteven Garcia
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The Tiniest Animal StoreUn-vetted

Spendthrifty is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Littlest Pet Shop and the eighty-sixth episode overall.


Blythe gets a second job as a sales clerk at  The Thrifty Armoire  and struggles to keep her spending under control while the pets are driven bonkers by a demanding doll that Blythe has left in their care.


Penny: She's almost as adorable as I am!
Sunil: And that is saying quite a lot.
Penny: Yeah, I know.




Oh, hey Felina

  • Vinnie's fantasy is a parody of King Kong.
  • Blythe's outfit for the episode is an alternate version of her outfit from The Secret Recipe.
  • Felina Meow can be seen on the manager's computer screen.
  • This is the last episode where Jasper has lines. He has a non-speaking appearance in the beginning of Guilt Tripping.


ST 7

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