"And now, ladies and gentlemen, don't make me plead, and don't make me beg. What's the name of the show?"
—Announcer, So You Skink You Can Dance

Shake-A-Leg is a national reality dance competition show that features duos every week. It is filmed with a live audience in Hollywood. It is Vinnie's favorite show, to the point of sending him into a rampage for the remote every time it comes on.

The male dancers include Igor Bogomolov, Igor Posokhov and Igor Khomkolov, while the female dancers include Karina Tabokov, Karina Mishnev, Karina Ivanov and and Karina Tatarov.


Upon finding out about Vinnie's love for the show, Blythe decided to take him to tag along on her dad's flight to the west on the following week, so he could see a taping.

Blythe helped Vinnie to get autographs from his idols and suggested him to dance to the judges. They were not impressed by his skills, which got him really sorrowful.

Blythe got an outfit in the gift shop to use as an inspiration. When the Stage Manager saw her with the dress, she ordered the girl to pair up with Igor Posokhov in the place of Karina Tatarov, who was on vacation that week.

Blythe tried to avoid the cameras, but Vinnie secretly came to help her. The results pleased the crowd as well as the stage manager, who invited Blythe to join the cast, which she declined.

Karina Ivanov later appeared in Grounded, in Blythe's imagination about a Russian ballet, along two similar women with hairs of different colors.