Character's Name
Physical Information
Species Human or pet
Sex Male/Female
Appearance Color of the skin, color of eyes, color of the hair
Personal Information
Aliases Nickname
Occupation Name of his/her job
Residence Name of the street, name of the city
Family Father's Name (father)
Mother's Name (mother)
Relative's Name (relative)
Pet's Name (pet)
Production Information
Debut His First Episode
Voiced by Voice Actor
"A Quote gives an impression about the character."
—Character's Name, Episode

Firstname Middlename "Character's" Name is a person who serves as an example. Describe him here concisely.


What the character wears, marks on the body, colour of the character.

Past Appearance

If the character has a past, describe what they look like

Present Appearance

Current appearance, as well as secondary appearance like Swim Suit or Sleep Wear.

Future Appearance

What the character might look like in the future.


What is the character is like to others


Talents and skills the characters is known for.  As well as clubs if they have joined


People, creatures or things that are close to the character


People that have a genetic relationship with ie Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles and cousins.


People that are not related to them.


Animals that are close to them


  • His First Episode
  • Another Episode (cameo)
  • Yet Another Episode (speaking cameo)
  • Random Episode (mentioned)


Interesting facts, errors, episode notes.

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