Name of episode
Season season number, Episode episode number
Production Information
Air Datewhen it aired
Written bywho wrote the episode if available at the time
Supervising directorUnknown
Directed bywho directed the episode if available
Episode Guide
Previous Next
last episodefuture episode

Title of the Episode, date it aired.  Episode that it is with (if any), Season number and Episode Number.


A short outline of the episode.


Tell the story of the episode in detail.  Do not seperate into points they usually make the episode into back to back episodes when there is none.


List of Character names and voices, seperate list of characters that sing with singing voices.


Some good memorable quotes.  Make sure it is solid and repeatable.


This is option, if avable.  A link that goes to a page with a line to line, scene to scene out line of the show

Songs Featured

Almost every episode has a song.  Include a link to the song


Something interesting about the episode.  Related to a real world topic, example parodies.  Show errors. Make sure to have good prof explain when it happens if there is an error so that a user can catch it.


Images from the show.  

Gallery Page

If there is more than 10 images per episode.  Make a gallery page, add a link to that episode.  Copys of a image can be used in other forms like character bio photo, location discription and so on.

Plus the newest in templates made by Orion001 and bugs worked out by GreatveemonOne.

This template is the last thing on the page. And always at the bottom. Final note if there is not enough stuff for a page either it is a premered episode or has not aired yet.  Put a stub template at the top of the page.  All this suggestions is not all in the right order and can be fixed over time.

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