Sally Hairspray
Sally Hairspray
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personal Information
Occupation Reporter
Production Information
Debut Hamster Hoods
Voiced by Ashleigh Ball

Sally Hairspray is a reporter of Channel 7 News. She appears in the episode Hamster Hoods.


When news arrived that Largest Ever Pet Shop had been robbed, she went to the place for a recording. She interviewed Fisher Biskit about the theft, but he took the opportunity to attempt to give publicity to his store by claiming it was "the only pet shop in Downtown City", despite Sally affirming the opposite.

She went there again when the Biskits framed Blythe as the culprit of the thefts. After the truth came up, Blythe induced Fisher to inform the news that he would donate his discards to needy pets.

She later appears while reporting the theft of the Stacie Mansion.

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