Roger Baxter
Roger Baxter
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Male
Personal Information
Occupation Pilot
Residence Hometown (formerly)
72 Oak Street, Downtown City
Family Blythe Baxter (daughter)
Lauren Baxter (wife)
Laura (aunt)[1]
Mo Baxter (sister)
Bobby Destruct'o (nephew)
Production Information
Debut Blythe's Big Adventure Part One
Voiced by Michael Kopsa
Gordon Maxwell (singing in Biskit Twins Rhapsody)
"Come on, Blythe. Have I ever steered you wrong?"
—Roger Baxter, Blythe's Big Adventure Part One

Roger Baxter is Blythe's father. He is an airline pilot, meaning he is often away from home for a while. Roger's a bit of a klutz when it comes to being a handyman, but he's a superstar when it comes to being Blythe's dad. He is also one of the only two person to be aware of Blythe's secret ability to talk to animals (the other is Youngmee Song)


He wears a red shirt, blue pants, a belt and black shoes.


Roger is shown to be a funny and fun-loving character. Although a fine pilot, he is ironically a terrible driver. He is shown to be somewhat clumsy and accident prone. 

He is a bit behind the times, but often tries to be cool. He is very caring towards his daughter and tries to be understanding, even though he does often embarrass her.

In Blythe's Big Idea he gave the idea of the airline he works with an idea for a "Pet Jet"  Based on his daughter love of the pet shop.

In Grounded he is a chauffeur and personal assistant for the Biskit Twins.

In The Sister Story it is shown that he is very competitive with his older sister Aunt Mo.

In Littlest Pet Street - Part 2, it appears that he knew Blythe was able to speak to pets all along.


  • When Blythe told Roger about the tortoise he mentioned Blythe's mom by saying she used to have a pet tortoise and that her nickname was Betty.



  1. Mentioned in War of the Weirds

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