S2E05 Poodles close up
Physical Information
Species Persian
Sex Female
Personal Information
Family Unnamed owner
Production Information
Debut Pawlm Reading

Poodles is a cat. She was among the pets being analyzed by Finola in Pawlm Reading. According to Finola, "Poodles wants you to know that she really, really wants you to buy her Nummy Nuggets brand pet food".




The Kitty.

On March 2014, an unnamed kitty toy bearing a resemblance to her was posted on Hasbro's website, with the ID #3566.[1]

On August 2014, a toy with her appearance was announced as part of the Pet Pawsabilities line, with the name Gunther Moody and the ID #3761.



  1. Kitty Pet at Hasbro's website

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