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The Pet Jet is a plane that's designed for pets. It has a five star chef, pet beds, and a bunch of other pet toys.

The Pet Jet was first shown in Blythe's Big Idea. It's is piloted by Roger Baxter, with Stephanie Hart as a co-pilot.


In Blythe's Big Idea, the Pet Jets premiere episode, Roger was sitting at a meeting for his airline, looking at pictures on his phone, when he saw a picture of Blythe and the pets. Getting the idea that the airlines should cater to pets the way Littlest Pet Shop does, he suggested building an airplane just for pets, and their owners. After that he became the pilot for the Pet Jet.

In To Paris With Zoe, the Pet Jet took Zoe, Blythe, and Emma to Paris.

In Shanghai Hi-Jinks, the Pet Jet took the pets, Blythe, and Mrs. Twombly to Shanghai, China.

In Plane it on Rio!, the pets, Blythe, Emma, and Ramon traveled to Rio de Janeiro on the Pet Jet. During that episode the Pet Jet became a butterfly float.

In It's the Pet Fest! - Part 1, they used it to advertise the Pet Fest by attaching a banner.