Pet Friendly Skies
Episode Blythe's Big Idea
Character(s) Minka Mark
Pepper Clark
Penny Ling
Russell Ferguson
Zoe Trent
Vinnie Terrio
Sunil Nevla
Guest Pets
Sung by Kira Tozer
Tabitha St. Germain
Laura Hastings
Sam Vincent
Kylee Epp
Kyle Rideout
Peter New
Length 1:30
Season Season 2
Episode Transcript Blythe's Big Idea
International versions

Pet Friendly Skies is a vintage Big Band style[1] song sung by the pets when imagining what the new Pet Jet service will be like.

Many pets are featured in the plane during the song, like Scout, Esteban, Ollie, Tiger, Mary Frances, Genghis, Digby, Olive, Wiggles, Sugar Sprinkles, Madame Pom and others.


Pet Friendly Skies
Come fly the pet friendly skies
We take pets of any size
[Penny Ling]
Climb aboard, it's time to jet
Wait! Don't leave! I’m not on board yet!
Pedicure with a snack
Hey! These seats go way back!
Bird: Hey! Watch it!
Sunil: Are there any snakes on this plane?
Sorry sir, we're not that insane
No you ain't seen nothing yet
'Til you fly Pet Jet
Russell: Okay folks, I have a little pre-flight checklist here. Please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened. Also check your shoelaces are tied snugly. During the flight there will be no tail-chasing or dancing.
Vinnie: Aw, man!
Penny Ling: Okay, let’s go!
Russell: Penny!
Around the world, up in the air
You can hop out anywhere
Wiggles: Geronimo!
Can you take me to Old Bombay?
[Canadian Moose]
I'm going to Moose Jaw, is that on the way?
No you ain't seen nothing yet
'Til you fly Pet Jet
Russell: Okay, we seem to be heading into some turbulence here. We'll just activate the Pet Jet cloud-parting machine and get this cleared up.
No you ain't seen nothing yet
'Til you fly
'Til you fly
'Til you fly
'Til you fly
'Til you fly Pet Jet


Minka says there are no snakes on the plane to Sunil, then, near the end of the song, one is shown.


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