Peachie Fluffton
Peachy Fluffton
Physical Information
Species Quokka
Sex Female
Personal Information
Production Information
Voiced by Brooke Goldner

Peachie Fluffton is a Quokka that first appeared in the episode It's a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World

For the enormity of the episode, Peachie is very happy-go-lucky and optimistic. She tells Sunil Nevla to go out into the city to find happiness. She is happy even when she is asleep and even when somebody deceives her, she keeps a smile.


  • She is the second character to be voiced by Brooke Goldner, the first was Emma Hart.
  • She is the fourth character who is a marsupial. The first is Sweet Cheeks. The second is Whiskers and the third is Sideburns .
  • It is a common fact that quokka's are naturally happy animals, so Peachy's positive attitude is also part of her animal nature.
  • A pink rabbit toy (found in LPS Your World) has the same name as her.


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