Pawrista's Coffee
Episode Steamed
Character(s) Sugar Sprinkles
Sung by Kelly Metzger
Length 1:30
Season Season 4
Episode Transcript Steamed

Pawrista`s Coffe is a song by Sugar Sprinkles in Steamed.


Screenshot 2017-07-01-14-59-22 1
[Sugar Sprinkles]
When I get thirsty, and my mood is the worsty.
Oh where, oh where am I to go?
A vacuum store, don't make me snore.
A bowling lane, oh, that's just lame.
But there is one very special place I know.
In case my face, is lookin' blue.
I make a stop at Pawrista's Coffee, try something new.
Yeah, it's Pawrista's Coffee of dreams!
Yeah, it's Pawrista's Coffee of dreams!

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