Nummy Nuggets is a brand of pet food manufactured by Nummy Nuggets Pet Food Company. It has the appearance of brown, dry kibbles, which is sold to cats, and dogs, among other animals.


In Pawlm Reading, Finola Frum came to Littlest Pet Shop and asked for the largest bag of Nummy Nuggets to her pet Sweet Cheeks. She told Mrs. Twombly that she knew his every thought, and that he had a massive appetite for the pet food. The shop didn't carry that brand, but Mrs. Twombly followed Finola's suggestion to order it.

Finola then opened a pet psychic kiosk within the shop, which she used to tell the costumers about their pets' supposed thoughts, all about wanting Nummy Nuggets. This caused Mrs. Twombly to order a lot of the brand, to Blythe's concern.

Sweet Cheeks then admitted to Blythe that he disliked Nummy Nuggets, in spite of the great publicity Finola was raising for it. This didn't last long, as the consumers became unsatisfied with the pet food and asked for refunds.

It turned out Finola was a saleswoman of the Nummy Nuggets Pet Food Company. Annoyed with her "malarkey", Mrs. Twombly demanded her to return all of the pet food, to which the company agreed. Finola was consequently fired, and the Littlest Pet Shop costumers were given a full refund.

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