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Welcome to the Littlest Pet Shop Wiki. This Wiki is dedicated for 2012 Littlest Pet Shop that can be watched on the Hub (now on Discovery Family). You can find all kinds of information about your newest furry friends and their caring owner here. If you’re new on the wiki, please click and read the Quick Guide. It will guide you on writing some proper articles.

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Weekly poll header
Which of the main LPS Day Campers does look most cute in Winter outfit?

The poll was created at 15:59 on December 15, 2014, and so far 26 people voted.

The results of last weekly poll

(15.12.2014) The most popular LPS songs are:

  • Boys Don't Care About Clothes (5 votes);
  • All Around The World (4 votes);
  • The Sweet Shop Song, Stay Here Forever, It Won't Be Long, Song of Brazil, Chase Away the Winter Blues (2 votes).

The results of previous weekly polls:
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(8.12.2014) The dog show winners are:

  • Zoe Trent (14 votes);
  • Digby (7 votes);
  • Tootsie, Princess Stori Jameson, Shea Butter (2 votes).

(1.12.2014) The top 3 most commemorative episodical pets in the show are:

  • Shahruhk (4 votes);
  • Delilah (3 votes);
  • Madame Pom, Jebbie, Shivers (2 votes).

(26.11.2014) The top 3 most favourite male pets in the show are:

  • Sunil Nevla (17 votes);
  • Russell Ferguson (9 votes);
  • Captain Cuddles (3 votes).

(17.11.2014) The top 3 cutest female pets in the show are:

  • Zoe Trent (112 votes);
  • Penny Ling (79 votes);
  • Sugar Sprinkles (67 votes).

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