Littlest Bigfoot
2x21 - Littlest Bigfoot
Season 2, Episode 21
Production Information
Air DateMarch 15, 2014
Written byStory by: Dallas Parker and Roger Eschbacher
Teleplay by: Roger Eschbacher
Supervising directorDallas Parker
Directed byJoel Dickie
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"This is all so cool, Blythe. I was on the web last night and I found out there's been over a dozen Bigfoot sightings in the area this year. Over a dozen, can you believe it?!"
Roger Baxter

Littlest Bigfoot is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Littlest Pet Shop and the fourty-seventh episode overall.


Bigfoot fanatic Roger Baxter buys a camper trailer and takes Blythe and the pets on a camping trip.



  • Kylee Epp - Zoe Trent





  • Over two weeks before this episode aired in the United States, it aired on United Kingdom, on February 26, 2014.

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