Ling Pen
Lin Pang
Physical Information
Species Panda
Sex Male
Appearance Dark blue and white, Blue eyes
Personal Information
Residence Shanghai, China
Family Penny Ling (cousin), Jun Ling (sister), Ling Jun (sister)
Production Information
Debut Shanghai Hi-Jinks

Ling Pen is a panda bear that lives with his relative's Jun Ling and Ling Jun in Shanghai, China. He's one of Penny Ling's relative's and appears in the episode Shanghai Hi-Jinks. Along with Jun Ling and Ling Jun, he likes American musicals and, for the first part of the show, thought Penny Ling's life was just about dancing and singing in the rain. ('_in_the_Rain)


Ling Pen is a white panda bear with bright cyan eyes. His ears are a deep grey-indigo color, while his tail, legs, arms, and eye markings are a dull shade of blue.



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