Kora Dixon
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personal Information
Occupation The Thrifty Armoire employee
Residence Downtown City
Production Information
Debut Why Can't We Be Friends?
Voiced by Kelly Metzger

"Come on! Let's load you up for some inspiration."

Kora Dixon.

Kora Dixon is girl who works at The Thrifty Armoire . She has fair skin, blond hair, green eyes and wears glasses.


Blythe meets Kora for the first time when she comes to the thrift shop to give away some of her old clothes, including some of her pet fashions. Kora happens to be into fashion just as much as Blythe is, and the two of them hit it off just fine. Kora quickly becomes Blythe's new best friend, unintentionally making her neglect her old ones. But in the end, they all become friends.


She is the second character voiced by Kelly Metzger in the show, the first being Sugar Sprinkles.



Kora: Your design choices are so cool. I definitely think you could apply your pet fashion sense to people too.


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