It Won't Be Long
Episode Summertime Blues
Sung by Jessica Zraly
Length 1:00
Season Season 1
Episode Transcript Summertime Blues
International versions

It Won't Be Long is a song featured in the Season 1 finale of Littlest Pet Shop. It's played during the pets' surprise going-away show for Blythe.

According to Daniel Ingram, "this montage song was added to the episode late in the game and [he] was feeling particularly sentimental when [he] wrote the lyrics due to a recent breakup. Special thanks to Jessica Zraly for her great vocals, Caleb Chan for his work on the production and Trevor Hoffmann for the sweet harmonies."[1]


It Won't Be Long
I thought of you today
And all the funny ways
You make my day so bright
And it seems that
You were always
On my mind
And it won't be long 'til I see you again
In the meantime
I will miss you my friend
No it won't be long 'til I see you again
In the meantime
I will miss you
'Til I see you again


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