Girl Time
Episode The Ladies of LPS
Character(s) Zoe Trent
Pepper Clark
Penny Ling
Minka Mark
Blythe Baxter
Sung by Kylee Epp
Tabitha St. Germain
Laura Hastings
Kira Tozer
Ashleigh Ball
Length 2:05
Episode Transcript The Ladies of LPS
International versions

Girl Time[1] is a song featured in the animated short The Ladies of LPS.


The Ladies of LPS Song
Oh-oh-oh yeah!
I'll tell you little somethin' 'bout girl time
Share what it means to me
All of the things I love to do
Might seem a little bit girly
But when I grab my girl friends
We start pamperin'
Suddenly looking beautiful on the outside
Makes you feel just as good within
Girl time to me means
Gettin' silly
Being myself and
Laughing 'til we
Roll on the floor
Jokin' some more
One gag and we're set
There are some jokes just for my girls
The boys will never get, because
Girl time
It makes us strong
Listen as we sing our song
Girl time
Is what we need
Then together we'll succeed
Girl time is time well spent
We're doctors, lawyers, presidents
Girl time is not for guys
We can play and win a prize
I'll tell you little something 'bout girl time
Why it is so ideal
I can talk to my girlfriends
Telling them all the things I feel
Some boys won't talk about feelings
It's hard for them to see
But my girls are there to listen
And feel the same things as me
Any time girls spend
Together is girl time
Doesn't matter where or what we're
Doing to feel so fine
Learn about each other
Learn about ourselves
I see knowledge is our power
And girl time is our world!
Because girl time
It gives us strength
To run and jump some crazy lengths
Girl time
Is what we need
To keep us reaching our top speed
Girl time is time well spent
We're doctors, lawyers, presidents
Girl time, give it a whirl
Leave the boys, it's time for girls


  • This is the first song where Blythe sings a song with any of the pets.



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