Fluffy Lightning
Fluffy Lighting
Physical Information
Sex Female
Personal Information
Family Josh Sharp (owner)
Production Information
Voiced by Ashleigh Ball

Fluffy Lightning is a racer bunny who appears in Race Team: Buttercream. Vinnie are fan of her. She is completely arrogant and competitive and has many verbal squabbles with Buttercream Sunday when the latter's personality is changed into Flash McCarrot. She is revealed at the end to be the pet of Josh Sharp.


Fluffy is arrogant, competitive and constantly arguing with buttercream. She does not like her, Sunil and Vinnie.


Fluffy debuted in the episode Race Team: Buttercream, where he competed with Buttercream racing rabbits. In the first race with her drew, he won the second and the third lost. At the end of the episode was adopted, to the disapproval of Buttercream, Sunil and Vinnie, by Josh.


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