Feud for Thought
3x09 - Feud for Thought
Season 3, Episode 9
Production Information
Air DateJuly 26, 2014
Written byStory by: Adam Beechen and Roger Eschbacher
Teleplay by: Roger Eschbacher
Supervising directorDallas Parker
Directed byJoel Dickie
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Two Pets for Two PestsFish Out of Water
"Well, if you think you're so smart, why don't you just go be, like, with your own kind?"
Whittany Biskit

Feud for Thought is the ninth episode of the third season of Littlest Pet Shop and the sixty-first episode overall. The title is a play on "Food for Thought".


Brittany ignores Whittany after getting a higher grade on a test; arguing koalas cause trouble at the pet shop.



  • The roller coaster Blythe and her friends intended on going has the same appearance as Zany Island's Super Blaster Coaster, seen in Missing Blythe.
  • Sue asks Jasper if he forgot what happened last year.


  • The names of the feuding hillbillies, Mr. Coyfield and Mr. McHat are a reference to real-life historical feuding Hillbilly families the McCoys and the Hatfields.



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