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Fabulous Song is not a birthname.

Fabulous Song
Episode The Fire Hydrant Song
Character(s) Zoe Trent
Sung by Kylee Epp
Length 2:00
Episode Transcript The Fire Hydrant Song

The Fabulous Song is featured in the animated short The Fire Hydrant Song


The Fire Hydrant Song Song
I look into the mirror, who do I see?
The everyday's Zoe looking back at me
Sometimes I might forget who I am
But I tell myself I'm fabulous and start to understand. Yea-eah!
It's not just a word, it's a lifestyle
Being fabulous means taking it the full mile
Fabulous is walking to your own beat
Expressing yourself as a person you were meant to be
Is for flamboyant
Is for attitude
Is for big hair
Know it yeah, you do!
Is for leopard print
Is for overdone
Is for unitard
Is for super fun!
[We are, we are fabulous!]
'Cause we are fabulous!
Breaking down walls everywhere we go
[We are, we are fabulous!]
We're so fabulous!
O-oh, everyone can see it and they oh so wanna be it!
Hit the stage, you're the best, show them fabulousness!
Scream your name, it's your fame and your fabulousness!
Hit the stage, you're the best, show them fabulousness!
Scream your name, it's your fame, and you're fabulous!
Is for famous now
Is for am a star
Is for be the one!
Know you're going far
Is larger than life
Is for outta sight
Is for ultimate
Is for super sta-a-ar!
I'm so fabulous
Showing my star power 'round the world
Yeah, I'm so fabulous
I will be the queen of the fabulous scene
[Because! I'm so fabulous, ye-eah!]
So-o, fabulo-ous!
Just so super fabulo-ous!
[Because! I'm so fabulous, ye-eah!]
I'm so fabulo-ous!
So super fabulo-o-ous!
Zoe: (whispering) Fabulous.


  • The song's highlighting of the letters the word "fabulous" consists of might be a reference to Ottawan's "D.I.S.C.O.".

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