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Season 1, Episode 23
Production Information
Air DateApril 6, 2013
Written byStory by: Julie McNally-Cahill & Tim Cahill and Corey Powell
Teleplay by: Corey Powell
Supervising directorDallas Parker
Directed byJoel Dickie
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Door-Jammed is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Littlest Pet Shop.


Blythe accidentally gets locked in a bathroom with Whittany. The pets hear strange howling and try to identify the werewolf among them.


At the beginning of the episode, Mrs. Twombly is about to recieve a special doorknob, when she is outbid. She has a small outburst, and is angered to find that Fisher Biskit outbid her.

Sunil and Vinnie are watching a werewolf movie when they hear Mrs. Twombly yelling, and they think it's a werewolf in the pet shop.  

Mrs. Twombly debates on going to get the doorknob or not, and then she decides to get it for herself.

Blythe is walking down the street, talking to Youngmee on the phone, when she sees Fisher Biskit kick Whittany and Brittany out of the limo and tell them to pass out invites to his art exhibit opening. The twins spot Blythe and give her the bag, telling her to pas them out. They then walk away.

Blythe goes back to the pet shop, and tells Mrs. Twombly about the party, and Mrs. Twombly says they should go. They then go dress shopping. When they return, Roger is there, and agrees to fix things while he fixes the shop. Blythe and Mrs. Twombly leave, then Roger drops the hammer his foot, and cries out in pain.

Sunil and Vinnie hear this, and again think it's a werewolf. They see Russell's shadow, and get spooked, and they decide that Russell is the werewolf. Sunil and Vinnie come at Russell, (who is playing cards with Zoe), with garlic and a mirror, and Russell tells them that garlic and mirrors repel vampires. Vinnie then asks if Russell's howled at any moons lately, and Zoe says she does it all the time. Russell says that dogs are distant relatives of wolves, and if anyone's a werewolf, it would be Zoe. Vinnie asks Zoe if she's ripped anything from limb to limb lately, and they spot one of Zoe's badly mangled dog toys, and now Sunil and Vinnie think both Russell and Zoe are werewolves. They began screaming, and run up the tree.

Blythe and Mrs. Twombly arrive at the mansion, and ask the Biskit twins if they know where the doorknob is, and when the twins say no, Mrs. Twombly goes to look for it. A man knocks into the twins, and Whittany's drink spills on Blythe's dress, an she goes to the bathroom to clean it off.

Mrs. Twombly spots the doorknob she wanted, and takes it, putting it in her purse. Blythe goes into the room which had the doorknob attached to it, (Whittany's bathroom), and tries to clean off the stain.

Sunil and Vinnie watch the other pets, and freak out when they see Penny's "claws" (a manicure), and they then see Pepper's really sharp teeth, and freak out again. Russell then chastises them for believing in werewolves, and Vinnie chucks a silver bowl at Minka, and claims she's a werewolf because she ducked. Minka says it's because she didn't want to be conked in the head with the bowl. Penny then points out that Pepper has sharp teeth, and Pepper points out that Penny has long hair on top of her head. Sunil and Vinnie say Zoe has werewolf hearing and smell. Everyone begins arguing, and Russell comments that this won't end well.

Blythe is still in the bathroom, and can't get the stain of  her dress, and Whittany walks in, and closes the door, then tells Blythe to leave. Blythe tries, but finds that she can't leave. Blythe realizes she and Whittany are trapped. Whittany screams in horror, and it echos around the hall.

Russell is sitting on a chair reading while the other pets threaten each other with silver and wolfsbane. Zoe says Penny Ling's name three times (the supposed cure for werewolfism), and wonders why it didn't work. Zoe stomach growls, and everyone runs away in terror. Russell tells them there's no such thing as werewolves, and Vinnie says that's what a werewolf would want them to think, and said they're watching him.

Whittany and Blythe are still stuck in the bathroom, and Blythe suggests playing rock-paper-scissors, which is shot down by Whittany. Blythe says if her dad was here, he could get them out because he's good at fixing things.

Blythe's philosophy didn't last long, at the shop, Roger tries to fix things with no success, he drops the hammer on his foot again, spooking the pets with his howl-like yell. Russell makes fun of them, then makes a fake roar, and the others run away and Russell sighs in exasperation.

Back in the bathroom, Whittany is pacing and babbling, and snaps at Blythe when she asks if she's freaking out. Whittany points out that she and Brittany are the most popular kids in school, and everyone wants to be their friend- except Blythe. Blythe notices that Whittany sounds sad when she says the last part. Whittany says it's only Brittany who doesn't like Blythe, and they start talking. Blythe even says she's always wanted a sister. Brittany goes looking for Whittany, and hears her and Blythe giggling in the bathroom. Brittany says she'll get Whittany out, and goes for help.

Back at the shop, the pets are hiding in the corner, shaking, and Russell explains to them there's no werewolves because some animals have the same characteristics of a werewolf, and werewolves only come out at night, and it's the day time. The pets decide it was only their imagination, and put it behind them.

Mrs. Twombly goes looking for Blythe, and finds out she stuck in the bathroom, so she replaces the doorknob, and Blythe and Whittany walk out, talking and giggling. Brittany's mouth falls open, and she asks Whittany what she's doing. Whittany goes to stand by her sister, and very rudely tells Blythe to leave. Blythe is confused by what just happened at first, but then tells Mrs. Twombly they're leaving, and walks away.

Later, Blythe and Mrs. Twombly are back in the shop, and Mrs. Twombly decides she doesn't need the doorknob, and asks if she embarrassed Blythe, who says no, and Roger (who is covered in bandages) goes to fix the shelf, again.  

Blythe goes to see the pets, and hears the werewolf story, and asks how they could possibly think a werewolf was in the the shop. Blythe points out they all smell like garlic. Then, Roger gets hurt again, and makes the howl-like sound again. Blythe and the pets put garlic around their necks, while shaking in terror as the episode ends. 


Russell: You really think I'm lycanthrope?
Vinnie: No, we think you're a werewolf!
Russell: Vinnie, a lycanthrope is the technical term for a we- oh, forget it.

Songs featured



  • Laura Hastings - Penny Ling


  • When the TV is off it can be still seen on.
  • When Mrs. Twombly spies the door knob and eyes it, she speaks in a manner similar to Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.
  • Sunil and Vinnie's line at the end of the cold open, "The howl is coming from inside the pet shop!" is a reference to When a Stranger Calls.
  • During Roger's klutzy fixing montage, he sings a parody of "Hammer Time".