Expo snapshot 20
Physical Information
Species British Shorthair
Sex Female
Appearance Golden eyes, blonde hair, purple fur
Personal Information
Occupation Pet Fashion Model
Residence London
Production Information
Debut The Expo Factor - Part 1
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain

Delilah is a British cat who appears in The Expo Factor - Part 1. The toyline gives her name as Delilah Barnsley.


Delilah is a fashonista, which says much about her personality: she knows her own worth. She's always good looking and well-mannered. Unlike Zoe, she doesn't let her emotions show, but that doesn't mean she's cold and heartless. In fact, she's wise, which shows as she takes no offence in Zoe's outburst, but explains her point of view calmly. The only moment she let her emotions show is a musical number she performs for the other pets... and when Blythe scratches her back.

She has a strong British accent.


She shares her name with a lizard from the original show who wanted to eat the other pets, although developer Julie McNally Cahill stated that she's not named after any particular Delilah.[1] She also said that her character was based on Rebel Wilson.[2]


She is a pet fashion model and most of the time, the Littlest Pet Shop pets are confused on the way she talked, apart from Sunil who seems to be attracted to her.



Getting Glamorous Styling Pack

One of these is named Delilah. Can you find her?

On mid February 2014, a Getting Glamorous Styling Pack was announced, featuring Princess Stori Jameson, Hisako Matson, Woolma O'Chic and Delilah Barnsley. The "Delilah Barnsley" tag is under a gray cat, rather than the toy that looks like Delilah, but when asked about it, Julie McNally Cahill said "Delilah's the purple cat".[3] It should be noted, however, that Julie has no involvement with the toyline.

Delilah Barnsley & Ruffles O'Reilly Cat

Delilah Barnsley & Ruffles O'Reilly


Delilah: But I will warn you that when it comes to this kind of thing, I can get alarmigly upbeat! (The Expo Factor - Part 1)
Delilah: Allright, petlets. Eyes on the kitty-eeeee!
Delilah: They say that you can understand pets. If that's true, then what did I just say?


Delilah 44

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