• RobinWilliamsFan

    Sign and share this petition to bring back Littlest Pet Shop for more additional seasons!

    And no doubts, flames, or naysayers of any kind.

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  • Bradenplier

    LPS Humans

    July 6, 2018 by Bradenplier

    This is some LPS humans in real life

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  • Bradenplier

    So, I will send a letter to Hasbro studios in Burbank, California soon. It's asking for an LPS movie. Inviting me to write the plot.

    Here is what the letter says

    Dear Hasbro,

    I am an Arizonan named Braden Hendrickson. I wrote ideas for 4 other directors, and I also have ideas for movies and series I want to make as an adult. I was wondering if you could bring back LPS and make an LPS movie before bringing it truly back to TV. So, in the movie, Zoe (Nicole Oliver), Blythe (Ashleigh Ball), Russell (Sam Vincent), Minka (Kira Tozer), Sunil (Peter New), Vinnie (Kyle Rideout), Penny (Jocelyne Loewen), and Pepper (Tabitha St. Germain) hear about how the Biskit family has become dictators of downtown city, persecuting people they dislike. It’s up to …

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  • 1222brown
    1. When All Your Friends Are Gone
    2. To Freedom And Beyond
    3. Scary Movie Night
    4. Old As Dirt
    5. Zoe Runs Away
    6. Purple Haze
    7. Lost In Paradise
    8. Drainage Pipe Crash
    9. Vinnie’s Lazy Day
    10. Dinner Rush
    11. Zoe Sings The Blues
    12. Cheep Bananas
    13. Pepper’s Big Sneeze
    14. Sister Sitter
    15. In Remembrance Of Me
    16. The Zoe Show
    17. Back And Bigger Than Ever (Part 1)
    18. Back And Bigger Than Ever (Part 2)
    19. Snow Day
    20. Escape From The Spa
    21. The Dam Breaks Away
    22. Invasion
    23. Game On!
    24. Zoe’s Party
    25. Naughty Vs. Nice
    26. A Little Secret Life
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  • Jay Jay Viglirolo

    Movie Idea

    March 25, 2018 by Jay Jay Viglirolo

    I have an idea for a Littlest Pet Shop movie:

    It will be a live-action/CGI-animated film by Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation & Allspark Pictures.


    Odeya Rush as Blythe Baxter

    Ed Helms as Rodger Baxter 

    Julie Andrews as Anna Twombly

    David Koechner as Fisher Biskit

    Anya Taylor-Joy as Brittany Biskit

    Zendaya as Wittany Biskit

    Voice Cast:

    Ryan Renolds as Russell Ferguson

    Amy Adams as Minka Mark

    Adam Sandler as Sunil Nevla

    Melissa McCarthy as Pepper Clark

    Drew Barrymore as Penny Ling

    Jim Parsons as Vinnie Terrio

    Katy Perry as Zoe Trent

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  • Kosmo10

    The 10th short of LPS2018

    December 7, 2017 by Kosmo10
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  • Kosmo10

    Guess what?

    December 3, 2017 by Kosmo10
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  • Kosmo10

    lps2018 - new short

    November 24, 2017 by Kosmo10
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  • Kosmo10

    GUYS, Quincy Goatee is voiced by Kyle Rideout !!!

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  • Kosmo10

    The series premiered on the Hub Network on November 10, 2012

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  • Kosmo10
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  • Kosmo10

    Yep, new short of LPS2018

    November 3, 2017 by Kosmo10
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  • Humanarian

    No more designs

    November 1, 2017 by Humanarian

    Greetings, everyone!

    As you can probably tell, this blog post is going to be about the "joy" of being a designer admin on Wikia. And about the fact that I refuse to be a designer here any longer.

    Allow me to get straight to the point: being a creative designer is not allowed on the Wikia. Every time you try to be creative and decorate your beloved wiki with something special, there will be a rule that you'll end up breaking. And therefore, your design and creative ideas will get rejected and denied. Along with you.

    For example... Remember my "Day and Night" design? I wonder if any of you have noticed that starting from a specific Wikia update, the banners have suddenly disappeared. Would you like to know why? Allow me to quote the section "Change…

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  • Smv19

    LOS Short Ranking

    October 25, 2017 by Smv19

    Rule: I'm disqualifying the foreign shorts because I want the shorts to be in English.

    1. Eat de Pepper

    2. Tail-Rave-Ium

    3. Where'd the Escargot?

    4. What's Next?

    5. Sour Puss

    6. Littlest Pet Peeves

    7. The Ladies of LPS

    8. The Biggity Big Dog Show

    9. The Fire Hydrant Song

    10. Naptime's a Ball

    11. Monkey Chase

    12. So Like Bored

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  • Kosmo10

    The Fourth Short Of LPS2018

    October 25, 2017 by Kosmo10
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  • Kosmo10

    By the way, composers of new Lps are Banks & Wag ( )

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  • Kosmo10

    New short of LPS2018

    October 14, 2017 by Kosmo10

    Also, first episodes of LPS2018 will air on DiscoveryFamily in spring

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  • Kosmo10

    First short of Lps2018

    October 5, 2017 by Kosmo10

    Surprise, surprise, news about Lps2018! Again... Surprise.

    It was strange but kinda cute. Lps2012 is still better than this.

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  • Kosmo10

    Theme song of LPS2018

    October 3, 2017 by Kosmo10

    ...well, that is not good(imho)?

    I miss LPS2012 and especially songs by Daniel Ingram :с

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  • Kosmo10

    The first trailer of Lps2018

    September 22, 2017 by Kosmo10

    The first trailer of LPS 2018 is here! Well, it looks a lot like old lps. Heh, Hasbro has finally "brought old lps back!" And there won`t be Blythe as this show is about city "built by pets for pets" The animation is not bad, but Boulder Media can do better(for example, "Wander over yonder").

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  • Kosmo10

    Brian Drummond as Fuzzy Gumbopaws is a nominee for "Best Male Vocal Performance in a Supporting Role"!

    You can vote here:

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  • Zoetrent45

    Hi, everyone! I don't have much time because we are going to go to Target to get some clothes for our Great Wolf Lodge Trip! (Which is tomorrow, and I'm really excited.) So let's right get to the point.

    I was recently just watching some LPS  (See Blog Post #1) with my headphones, and basically just browsing Youtube while doing that. Well, more like listening to LPS and browsing through Youtube CHANNELS. I was doing this for about 30 minutes now (I know, I'm SO productive with my free time) when I came across a certain channel. And it was none other but HUMANARIAN! Yes, THE Humanarian . Shocking, right? Also, if you are reading this, hi Humanarian! No offence on your behalf. I just never thought you would have a YOUTUBE. Again, no offence. F…

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  • Zoetrent45

    LPS on Youtube

    July 16, 2017 by Zoetrent45

    Hello, everyone! I hope you are all having a great day! :D This blog post will be about Youtube, as you may have already guessed by the title of this blog post. As many of you may know, Season 4 was the very last of our beloved LPS. But, I bet most of you aren't yet ready to let LPS go. Me neither. So the answer is Youtube! There are tons of LPS shorts, funny music videos, and more! Here are links to some of the best Youtube channels to get these. Also, this is my very first blog post, so please tell me if I'm doing something wrong!

    Anyway, here are the channel links:



    (Just scroll down until you find LPS shorts.)




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  • Humanarian

    I hate it

    July 7, 2017 by Humanarian

    Dear everyone,

    Greetings to you once again. It's been quite a while, I know. I just wanted to share something with you. And that something the fact that I absolutely hate my experience of being the designer admin of this Wikia. I could never imagine what seemed to be a wonderful thing full of creativity and colours to actually take a downfall to what it is for me now.

    I hate it. I absolutely hate it. I hate how every now and thean, the Wikia Central releases yet another useful update, which ends up being everything but useful. I hate how all of my designs keep falling apart because of that. I hate how I keep having to redo the things again and again in a new way, just because the old one is no longer working because of that update. I hate how…

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  • Kosmo10

    News about LPS2018

    June 20, 2017 by Kosmo10

    Hello, everybody! It`s time for news about the Littlest Pet Shop 2018 Reboot!

    The reboot will be around a world made by pets named Paw-tucket for pets where a portal opens up and the pets can do things with characters like:

    Roxie McTerrier, a brown dog Jade Catkin, a black cat Quincy Goatee, a yellow goat Trip Hamston, a red hamster Bev Gilturtle, a blue turtle with a purple shell and Edie von Keet, a yellow-green parakeet

    The series will debut in 2018, while set of shorts will be released to YouTube fall 2017.

    New LPS will be created by Boulder Media who also animated "The Amazing World of Gumball" for Cartoon Network and second season of "Wander Over Yonder" for Disney.

    The show will debut on Netflix


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  • Humanarian

    Wiki... hero?

    April 16, 2017 by Humanarian

    It's been a lot of time since I've joined this Wikia. And all of that time I've been working hard to do what I can to make this Wikia better. It's been a wonderful experience so far, except for a few things...

    And one of those things is that moronic achievement. So many years I've been trying to get it... So many times I walked that path again and again. Nothing on this Wikia has ever made me feel so frustrated and... suicidal even. It's the achievement called "Wiki Hero", which requires a person to make at least 1 edit per day for freaking 365. Days. In a ROW! That's right, without missing a single day!

    And now... I've just lost it again, because, wow, I've missed this Saturday. Really... such an unfogivable crime to bring me so much pain a…

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  • Kosmo10

    Lps Remake

    March 2, 2017 by Kosmo10
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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello friends...

    February 17, 2017 by PuddingShoes

    Hello. For those of you who don't know who I am, you can dismiss this. I have returned after my "haitus", and I apologize that I have been gone for so long. I had many personal issues that required my attention, and I could not be here, even though I wanted to be. I know that my role and impact were very small here before, but that's beside the point. Anyways, it is good to be back, and I plan on doing my part once more. 

    Until we speak again~

    Sincerely, Pudding

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  • Russell Ferguson12

    I love lps

    February 9, 2017 by Russell Ferguson12

    Zoe is the best LPS of the world like russell 

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  • Smv19

    LPS: Season 4 Ranking

    January 24, 2017 by Smv19

    1. On the Same Page 

    2. The Tortoise and the Heir 

    3. LPS: The Moosical 

    4. It's a Happy, Happy, Happy World 

    5. Un-vetted 

    6. Race Team: Buttercream 

    7. Game of Groans 

    8. Petnapped 

    9. Seeing Red 

    10. The Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors 

    11. Pitch Purrfect 

    12. Seeing Red 

    13. Pump Up the Panda 

    14. Snipmates 

    15. Littlest Pet Stret 

    16. A Doggie Biskit 

    17. Ivan the Terrific 

    18. Guilt Tripping  

    19. Bake it Till You Make It 

    20. Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer  

    21. Steamed 

    22. Go Figure! 

    23. Spendthrifty

    24. Two Peas in a Podcast 

    25. The Tiniest Animal Store

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  • Smv19

    LPS Season 3 Ranking

    January 24, 2017 by Smv19

    1. Pet Sounds 

    2. Room Enough 

    3. Sue Syndrome 

    4. The Secret Recipe 

    5. Toung Tied 

    6. Some Assistance Required 

    7. War of the Weirds 

    8. Proud as a...Peacock? 

    9. Why Can't We Be Friends? 

    10. The Sister Story 

    11. Secret Cupid 

    12. Tounge Tied 

    13. What's So Scary About the Jungle? Everything! 

    14.The Very Littlest Pet Shop 

    15. Snow Stormin' 

    16. Hamster Hoods 

    17. Two Pets for Two Pests 

    18. A Night at the Pawza 

    19. Feud for Thought 

    20. Sleeper 

    21. Back Window 

    22. If the Shoe Fits 

    23. It's the Pet Fest 

    24. Winter Wonder Wha? 

    25. In the Loop

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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello friends, it's me again. I'm going to try and keep this short, just for you! Anyways, I've got some bad news, I'm leaving the wikia for a while. Now, I'm not abandoning the fandom, I'd never dream of that, but I'm having some pretty hard times right now, and need a break from the wikia. I know most of you probably don't know me, nor do you care about me, and that's okay. Anyways, I'd like to thank Humanarian and Nibrious for being good friends. Well, I suppose that's all I can really say for now. Thank you all, and goodbye.

    P.S: I'd like to see those polls updated when I get back, if possible.

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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello Everybody! It's me again. This blog is specificaly for Humanarian to consider, but you can still read if you want to. I would like to make a request that the weekly polls be a thing again. I know we currently have one, but it hasn't been updated since last year. It doesn't have to be a weekly thing, however I would like to see a new poll added. Well, that's all there is, thank you, and good luck!

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  • SinanJuke

    About the wikia

    December 27, 2016 by SinanJuke

    We just had an even more serious incident than a troll, a person in the wikia put a pornographic image and it's still there. I beg you to stop this kind of behavior in the future because it's not because the wikia is almost empty that you have to start putting anything!

    I suggest that we stop letting edit pages for all the minor users of this wikia because this kind of behavior is unacceptable!

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  • PuddingShoes

    Who all is still here?

    December 24, 2016 by PuddingShoes

    Hello everybody! I am just here to say a few things, I'll try not to take your time. All I want from you guys, is to just leave a comment saying that you're still with us. I am doing this only for the purpose of knowing just how many of us are still following the fandom. So please, just leave a small comment letting me know htat you're here. Thank you, and good luck, I mean it. 

    Yours truly, Pudding.

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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello everybody! It's me again. We are working on a future fan animation for Littlest Pet Shop, and we could any help possible. The animation will be made to honor our beloved show, and if all goes well, should not take long. We need animators, artists, voice actors, planners, writers, etc. (Yes, we will pay you) 

    I realize that we are a dying fandom, but believe me, it's not too late to turn things around. I know things look bleak, and that it appears that this is what is ment to happen, but if we all pull together, we can change the fate's design. There's been a lot of turmoil as of late, and we are decaying at an increasing rate, but if we all can set aside our differences, I know that we can do this. Just think, to date there has not be…

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  • PuddingShoes

    Alright, I've seen about all I'm going to take of this nonsense. For the past two weeks I have seen nothing but bickering and arguing for no good reason. It's either "stop deleting this" or "stop believing that", and I just don't see the point. We are a fandom, a dying one at that, and all of this fighting is only making things worse! We should be coming together for the holidays, as one big happy family, but instead all that's happening is internal conflict.I mean, if you want to fight someone, why not fight the real enemy? (The ones who took our show from us) I know times are tough, and I realize that tensions are running high at the moment, but can't we just put them aside, if not for a moment? I truly believe that we as a fandom were d…

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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello everyone! I will try and make this snappy for you. I am currently looking for people interested in helping in the planning of an upcoming fan project based around LPS. If you want to help, you will be helping plan out the project. This means the setting, characters, plot, etc. We could use any help that can be offered, so please consider. The main purpose of this project, if any of you were wondering, is to honor the memory of our beloved show, and hopefully bring a new age of glory to the fandom. Anyways, please consider, and message me if you're interested. 

    P.S - If you need more details before deciding, please do not be afraid to message me with any questions/concerns about it.  

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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello everyone! I will try and make this snappy for you. I am currently looking for people interested in helping in the planning of an upcoming fan project based around LPS. If you want to help, you will be helping plan out the project. This means the setting, characters, plot, etc. We could use any help that can be offered, so please consider. The main purpose of this project, if any of you were wondering, is to honor the memory of our beloved show, and hopefully bring a new age of glory to the fandom. Anyways, please consider, and message me if you're interested. 

    P.S - If you need more details before deciding, please do not be afraid to message me with any questions/concerns about it.

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  • PuddingShoes

    How can we fix things?

    November 29, 2016 by PuddingShoes

    Hello again! This time I will be talking about something I've been wondering on for a while. I realize the show is over, but that doesn't mean the fandom must die. However, that is all I am seing, as every day, I see less and less talk about the show. I for one believe that we can change that, but only if EVERYBODY chips in. I truly believe that if enough people put forth enough effort, and work together, then we could really bring new life to our beloved fandom. Sure, maybe I am working for a lost cause that has long died, but even so, I really do think that things can be different. We don't have forever, and everyday the gears of the fandom rust more and more, and if we don't take action soon, they will be forever stuck. So I'm asking al…

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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello there, It's me again (you probably have litterally no idea of who I am, do you?). I'm not great at intros, so I'll just stick to the core of things. Even though I've only been a part of this wiki for about 12 hours now, I have been a part of the fandom for much longer than that. Truthfully I never really thought about what I'd do once the show ended, and once it came, I was lost. I know I have to accept the fate of the show, but it never hurts to talk, does it? Basically, I want to hear about your stories, and how you feel about the current state of the fandom, as well as what you think the future will hold for us. I believe that the show, or at least how we liked it, is long gone, and will not come back, as depressing as that is. Ho…

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  • PuddingShoes

    Hello everybody! My mind has just been racked with questions due to the recent season 5 posts. I suppose that is to be expected, as we were all told that season 4 was the last, and are now hearing rumors about a possible 5th season in 2018. I suppose though, since the page is now flagged for deletion, that it was all a hoax, but wishful thinking has me hoping that maybe, just maybe we will get a lucky break and it will be official. This wishfulness is slowing draining though, as I have seen no credible sources mention -anything- about a new season, as well as the page (as mentioned before) being flagged for deletion. That is all for this post, tell me your thoughts and wishes, and I will try to get back If I can. Goodbye everybody!

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  • SinanJuke

    I'll take pics!

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  • Humanarian

    Dear Everyone,

    Greetings to you again. I'm sad to say that Howl-o-ween design is a bit late this year, because, for some reason, Wikia's procedure of reviewing Javascripts is taking too long. It's been more than 2 days since I've submitted my script for a review, and it hasn't been reviewed yet. I'm really sorry about that...

    Please, stay patient, everyone.

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  • SinanJuke


    October 31, 2016 by SinanJuke

    What better than to watch again the episodes Door-Jammed and Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors for Halloween?

    Have a good Halloween!

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  • Smv19

    LPS Season 2 Ranking

    October 24, 2016 by Smv19

    1. The Hedgehog in the Plastic Bubble  

    2. Sweet Pepper  

    3. Blythe's Big idea

    4. So Interesting

    5. Stand Up Stinker   

    6. Pawlm Reading 

    7. Shanghi Hijinks

    8.  Plane it on Rio

    9. Eight Arms to Hold You  

    10. Heart of Parkness

    11. A Day at The Museum

    12. The Expo Factor Part 1

    13. Missing Blythe  

    14. Sunil's Sick Day  

    15. The Expo Factor Part 2  

    16. Littlest Bigfoot  

    17. Alligators and Handbags  

    18. Inside Job  

    19. What Meme Worry? 

    20. To Paris with Zoe  

    21. Super Sunil  

    22. Grounded  

    23. Commercial Success  

    24. The Nest Hat Craze!  

    25. The Big Feathered Parade  

    26. The Treasure of Herrieta Twombly

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  • Smv19

    LPS Season 1 Ranking

    October 24, 2016 by Smv19

    1. Bakers and Fakers 

    2. So You Skink You Can Dance 

    3. Topped With Buttercream  

    4. Trading Places 

    5. Blythe's Crush 

    6. Bad Hair Day 

    7. Trading Places 

    8. Dumb Dumbwaiter 

    9. Summertime Blues 

    10. Blythe's Big Adventure Part 1 

    11. What Did You Say? 

    12. Russell Up Some Fun 

    13. Eve of Destruction 

    14. Frenemies 

    15. Mean Isn't Your Color 

    16. Blythe's Big Adventure Part 2 

    17. Lotsa Luck 

    18. Door-Jammed

    19. Gailbreak

    20. What's In the Batter 

    21. Sweet Truck Ride 

    22. Penny For Your Laughs 

    23. Blythe's Pet Project 

    24. Lights, Camera, Mongoose! 

    25. Books and Covers 

    26. Terriers and Tiara's

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  • SinanJuke

    Mistake and break

    October 21, 2016 by SinanJuke

    In the 19th frame of the third short, I made the mistake of putting the 20th instead of 19th. Result, when you go into the history of the 20th picture, you will see 2 more pictures but that's OK because I have fixed the problem.

    When the publication of the pictures, I am already at the beginning of the fourth short but I'll take a break and continue tomorrow because I'm really tired...

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  • SinanJuke

    A little late...

    October 20, 2016 by SinanJuke

    I cannot upload the pictures of the two shorts today but tommorow, don't worry, I finished to take all pictures that we need. Be patient again!

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  • SinanJuke

    Great news!

    October 17, 2016 by SinanJuke

    A fourth new shorts is out! :D

    I progress for the pictures of the third and I also make it for the fourth, don't worry, all will be in time. Be patient ;3

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