2x08 The Big Feathered Parade
"I've never heard of this Big Feathered Parade. But I'm guessing it's big and feathered and a parade!"
Minka Mark, The Big, Feathered Parade

The Big Feathered Parade is an annual event. It consists of a parade with feathery floats, costumes and music. According to Blythe, the parade is one of the biggest events in Downtown City.


In The Big, Feathered Parade, Blythe created some feathery designs, which she decided to submit to the eponymous parade. Unfortunately for her, the judges didn't accept her, as she needed to be older in order to submit.

Ramon is a famous designer of the parade, although he doesn't seem to have many fans. He was having trouble to come up with new designs, so he decided to steal Blythe's instead. Before the parade could start, however, the judges found evidences of his trickery.

There is an website of the event, in which they display several hundred photos from the past parades. While checking them out, Vinnie found out that year's parade was being sponsored by the Iguana Legal Firm, which made their mascot Bruce the parade's grand marshal. Being a huge fan of him, Vinnie decided to go and meet his hero in person.

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