S1E25 Blythe decides on Shivers name Unless you already have a name.

Bicycle Girl is not a birthname.


The Bicycle Girl is an unnamed recurring character. She appears mostly in the background, but she played a small role in Sweet (Truck) Ride, helping Blythe and Roger to save the Sweet Truck by lending her bike. 

Bicycle Girl
Biker Girl 1
Physical Information
Species Human
Sex Female
Personal Information
Production Information
Debut Sweet(truck) Ride
Voiced by N/A


When the pets first let the Sweet Truck go down the street, Blythe gave the girl a cupcake in exchange for her bicycle and helmet. In the second time, Roger took the bike and helmet from her and rode off down the street. Unfortunately for the bike, it exploded when the it hit the sidewalk as Roger was stopping the truck.

Before Blythe moved away in Blythe's Big Adventure Part One, she appeared in the park at Blythe's hometown, but so forth she is present in Downtown City. She was in the crowd watching Blythe Style's pet fashion show.

In Pawlm Reading, she appeared as the owner of a tortoise who was analyzed by Finola.



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